Music Discovery in 2016

Music plays a special role in my internet heart. Nearly all of the web technologies I learned from ages 10-22 were in service of finding, sharing and transporting music.

I went to a talk put on by Mixcloud last week on music discovery that jogged my memory about how things have changed.

I thought I'd share how I'm finding music these days. It is a neurotic, waterfall approach to really go deep:

  1. Humanoid Recommendations - from friends directly, what, or from listening to dj sets, playlists or compilations on youtube, soundcloud, mixcloud, services like the Yams or stations like The Lot. This is the sit back and play through lots of stuff phase - with some prefiltering. See footnote for some goodies.
  2. Algorithms -  once i find a track or two that I love and need to hear more of (maybe a newly discovered genre or region) I will find it in the comments or tracklist and pop it into Google Music's radio feature. It is the best one there is - if you have an input.
  3. Find and prune - from this station I'll find a few total gems that match the tone of the first. I'll work these into a "lazy" playlist.
  4. Share - Since Google is terrible for social sharing, I create a playlist in Spotify and disperse it that way, or send the individual tracks to friends.
  5. Repeat

Some of my current favorites from Step 1: