The Product Hunt Exercise

I’ve started playing a little game with myself.  The goal is to bring imaginative takes on new ideas, products and trends.

Once a day or week look up the top (or any random) several items on Product Hunt. Try not to use bias in selecting these, and choose a product that is not inherently a fit for what you’re working on.

For each, jot down 3-5 takes on the following prompts:

  1. How could my current business or product leverage this product?
  2. What new business or product could leverage this product?
  3. What new product could be built on or be based entirely on this product?

This is a fun little game to keep yourself sharp and practice drawing new connections.  It can be a little silly (How can LiveIntent leverage Glitter?) but that’s also the point. Thinking in unconventional ways is a great way to hone your creative, imaginative skills.